Systems Integrator for the Sanitary Processing Industry

Technical Papers

  • Water Immersed Cooking & Chilling System
    "Water immersed cooking describes the process in which the particular products to be cooked (meats, soups, sauces, pinto beans and black beans) are sealed into polyethylene or polypropylene bags, loaded onto racks and placed in tanks, into which heated water is circulated. The temperature of the water and the length of time of immersion are critical factors in the cooking process and must be carefully controlled and monitored. The processing of "ready to eat" foods is also measured in terms of the lethality, a term" ...
    "USDA regulations regarding safe cooling specify that the core temperature of the products must be less than 40°F. In addition to the lethality requirement, USDA- FSIS requires establishments to achieve a stabilization performance standard for preventing the growth" ...

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  • Milk Standardization
    "Milk Standardization is an important portion of the overall pasteurization process.  Because of seasonal variation in the amount of cream (butter fat) in raw milk and because low-fat milk products are a substantial portion of most dairy sales, a precisely controlled milk standardization and blending system is vital to the operations of each dairy. New state of the art milk standardization" ...

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  • Economics of Direct Steam Injection
    "This paper provides a fundamental background on direct steam injection and discusses how it can be applied to various industries like Food, CIP, & Pulp and Paper Production.
    Direct steam injection has been in use for more than 70 years, yet it is not thoroughly understood by the market. It has been proven successful in a variety of applications worldwide. From wastewater treatment to baby food production, direct steam injection is the most energy efficient and versatile direct heating solution for the marketplace" ...

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