Systems Integrator for the Sanitary Processing Industry

Past Projects

2009 - 2010 Projects
  1. Indiana – Food Processing Line, Project awarded in December 2009, services includes designing equipment specifications for mixing, cooking, and filling applications, design build specialty tanks, hot water set, provided all sanitary pumps and valving, coordinated process designs and provided installation services all sanitary process piping, integrated CIP System, provided all rigging & setting services for all equipment.
  2. Iowa – HFCS Project, Project awarded in January 2010, replaced existing corn syrup lines using aluminum piping system, provided all design and installation services, coordinated all tie-in work to all existing use points, provided demo services of old piping system.
  3. Texas - New Bottle Filling Line, Project awarded in February 2010, entire bottle filling line with all new mix tanks, RO storage tanks, sanitary pumps and valves, Provided process and controls engineering services, built all operator and motor control panels, provided and installed all sanitary process piping. This is our 3rd project with this same customer within the past 18 months.
  4. Indiana – Food Processing Line, Project awarded in March 2010, This is a duplicate system of a project we completed in 2009, we provided process & controls engineering services, mixing kettles, dry ingredient delivery system, metering & pumping systems.
  5. New York – Soybean Oil Delivery System, Project awarded in March 2010, providing design and engineering services, all sanitary pumps & valves, transfer panel, and system integration services.
  6. Indiana – Bakery, Project awarded in March 2010, providing design & controls engineering services at this point, on-going project.
2008-09 Projects
  1. System Integration Services for Fortified Wine Mixing & Filling Operation - Tulia, Texas
2007-08 Projects
  1. Project Management of New Pasta Entrée Lines - Chicago, Illinois
    • Complete system integration from filling operation through packaging
  2. Water Immersed Cooking Operation - Complete System Integration - Chicago, Illinois
  3. Tomato Sauce Production & Filling operation – Turn key systems integration – Chicago, Illinois